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Professional end-to-end video creation.
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A Brand New Service.
Video, Film & Moving Image.

The power of creativity.
Taken further.

by Creative Company

Video is a differentiator that a modern marketing strategy cannot function without. Creative Company’s new service provides video, film and moving image campaigns that will drive conversations and increase real growth for businesses.

High quality, video creation marketing services.

Cross-platform video to take businesses to the next level.

Accumulate thousands of views — driving sales.

Just what you need. Right where you need it.

A higher level of video marketing.

For giants
of all sizes.

Launched December 5, 2019, Creative Company’s new service will elevate video marketing to a whole new level of performance. Building on our 26-year heritage in creative marketing, we are confident whatever your strategy, you’ll get there faster than ever with our professional; consultation, creativity, production, and more.

Explainer Video

Customer Testimonial Video

Educational Video

Company Story Video

Advertising Video

Internal Communications Video

The Stories So Far.

Cubitt Theobald

Building beautifully.

One of a series of five short clips for autoplay on the Cubitt Theobald website.


Fred Perry


A celebration of home-grown talent.


A short film


Created in Summer 2019.


Soler & Palau

It’s a breeze.

In production, due May 2020

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